The following will serve as guidelines approved by Fountain of Youth management, which seeks to affirm our obligation to protect the health of our customers, homeowners, and staff.

Public facilities will use best practice procedures to help residents, employees, and customers with all reasonable measures to protect themselves from exposure to COVID-19.

Employee Health: All employees will receive extra training on COVID-19 procedures. Employees will be encouraged to handle business over phone or email whenever possible.

Adequate and suitable protective gear will be available to all employees as appropriate. Partitions or panels will be provided in some areas to prevent possible transmission between staff and customers.

We will require a health declaration waiver be signed before check in to confirm they are not experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 nor have they been in contact with someone else who has. These symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms we ask that you re- schedule your reservation with us.

Customer and homeowner general protocols: We strongly encourage the use of face coverings in public settings to diminish the possible spread of COVID-19.

Social distancing is also encouraged in public settings outside of the family bubble. Proper signage will indicate maximum occupancy for specific buildings if necessary.

Customers and homeowners are encouraged to interact with the staff by phone or email if possible. Sit down meetings with management or other staff will be by appointment only.

Customers are encouraged to use express check in and make their first payments ahead of time to avoid having to go into the office.

Facilities: All high touch areas will be disinfected multiple times per day as to reduce the spread of germs. Patrons are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, especially when using these facilities such as public bathrooms, showers, and laundry rooms.

Recreational facilities including, but not limited to, horseshoe pits, bocce ball, tennis, pickle ball, shuffle board tables, billiard rooms, ping pong tables, craft rooms and dog parks will remain open for patron use. We highly encourage social distancing and use of face coverings when possible. We also encourage patrons to bring their own equipment including rackets, pool cues, towels, water bottles, etc.

Signage will be displayed in all public facilities to encourage physical distancing, hand sanitation, and the use of face coverings.

Villa rentals will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before new guest check ins.

Interactions with the sales office are encouraged to be over the phone or via email. Tours of homes will continue with social distancing and face coverings by our sales staff. Sales models will be disinfected frequently by our maintenance staff.

Activities office will be open. Staff will be available to answer questions via phone and email. Keys and other such items to be transferred from staff to guests will be properly disinfected prior.

Higher risk activities such as use of the pools, gym, concerts, events, indoor dining, massage center, hair salon, card rooms, and worship gatherings will be held in accordance with California and Imperial County guidelines.

The store will remain open and require face covering and social distancing to enter. The cafe will be providing take out and will allow outdoor seating with social distancing requirements.

**UPDATE 04/07/21** The following is a list of activities and amenities now OPEN at FOY.

**Some of the following activities will require a sign up process and monitor to stay compliant with the Imperial County Health Dept. guidelines.

**County guidelines are changing daily and weekly. We will continue to watch and post all additional openings as soon as they become available.

**If you do not  see what you are looking for on this list it is closed for now

POOL HALL is now open!

•Masks are to be worn at all times.
•Sanitize upon entering and exiting.
•Social distancing is a must.
•Please bring your own equipment if you have it.
•Only play at the tables that are open for play, others will have a closed sign.
•Doors must remain open at this point so no A/C at this time. We will continue to monitor temps without A/C and make changes as we are able to with guidance from ICHD.
VOLLEYBALL is now allowed in the fresh water pool.

•Sanitize upon entering and exiting.
•Limit of 6 people, or less, per each side/each team, for a total of 12 people in the pool. Distance yourselves at all times.

The gym is now open 6AM to 10PM everyday.

Please remember to wipe down all equipment before and after use. Wear your mask ONLY to enter and exit. Do not wear a mask while working out. Do not use the equipment with a sign on it.
Sanitize before entering and again upon exiting and practice social distancing. Only 10 people at one time.

All hot tubs are now open starting Nov 4th. They will be open from 6AM to 10PM and will require a mask for entry and exit. We ask you please shower before entering and exiting and use the sign up sheets provided to indicate your desired time. Each session is limited to 45 min per person with 15 minute cleaning sessions in between.

Salt water pool – Homeowners pool.

Fresh water pool – Open for guest swim 6am-8am. 8am exercise class for all. After morning class this pool is for guests only

Tennis and pickle ball – Masks for entry and exit with social distance.

Hair salon – Masks on at all times.

Art Classes – Masks and social distancing.

Poker and card games – Masks and social distancing. Must be outdoors.

Craft room – Masks and social distancing.

Music and jam sessions – Masks and social distancing. Outdoors.

Church and friends of Bill W – Masks and social distancing. Outdoors.

Bocce Ball – Masks for entry exit. Social distancing.

Horseshoes – Masks for entry exit. Social distancing.

Library – Masks and social distancing. 2 people at a time.

Hiking and biking – Masks when entering or exiting trails.

Desert golf/ Disc golf – Masks and social distancing.

Laundry rooms – Masks and social distancing.

Restrooms and showers – Masks and social distancing.

Dog parks – Masks and social distancing.

Store and Cafe  – Masks and social distancing. Outdoor dining is allowed.

Office – Masks and social distancing. 2 people at a time.

Mailroom – Masks and social distancing.

Sales office – Masks and social distancing.

Please contact the office with any questions of concerns.
(888) 800-0772

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