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We value you as Homeowners!

We are the “one-stop-shop” for Homeowners and handle all Leases, Homeowner Questions and Concerns, Payments, Processing of Visitor Forms and Requests for Written Authorization for your site, Gate Cards, Parking Stickers, Short & Long Term Rentals of Owner Mobilehomes, etc. A comprehensive list is located in the Owner’s Reference Guide (see link below).

The Fountain of Youth has established an office to address the needs of all Annual Homeowners. We are located at 518 Mountain Drive (at the top of Primrose Lane). Our main telephone number is 760.354.8240. Our email address is chris@foyspa.com.

The Main Office continues to support the following:
  • Long and Short Term Storage (all aspects including leases and payments)*
  • Small Propane Fills (including payments)*
    *Since we now use two separate billing systems, we are unable to
    transfer funds between the systems for payments.
  • Ordering Owner Propane fills for your site. Please call Judy in the Main Office at 760.354.0029 and ask to be put on the AmeriGas fill list. The Homeowner’s Office will bill you the month following your fill.

Most Homeowner Mailboxes are now billed Annually at a rate of $110 per year. Any Homeowner that is interested in obtaining a mailbox for a partial year needs to first come to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office to pay for the box ($10 per month paid in one lump sum). We will provide you with a receipt and an Owner information sheet to take to the Mailroom. They will be glad to open a Mailbox for you. There is a $6.00 mail key deposit. Be sure to return your key and check out with them when you leave for the season.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback regarding our webpage.

We hope that you have a pleasant stay and memorable experiences at the Fountain of Youth Spa

With Gratitude!
Chris Stimpson-Connelly
Lease Administrator

Link to forms

Good Neighbor Policies

The Good Neighbor Policies document covers all rules and regulations for the Park. This document was initialed by all Homeowners and a copy was provided when their most recent full lease agreement was signed.
All Homeowners should be familiar with these rules and regulations.

Homeowner Guests versus Homeowner Tenants

If you intend to have any Guests or Tenants in the Park, please be aware of our current rules and the necessary paperwork required as outlined below.
• If the Homeowner is present in the Park and will have a visitor staying with them, the visitor is considered a Homeowner Guest.
• If a visitor is staying in the Homeowner’s unit and the Homeowner will not be home, the Guest is considered a Homeowner’s Tenant regardless of whether they are exchanging funds.

Homeowner Guests

The Homeowner must fill out and submit a FOY HOMEOWNER’S GUEST FORM in advance of their Guest’s arrival if the Guest is visiting overnight.  This form is on White paper (not the old Visitor Form on Yellow paper) and can be obtained from the Owner’s Leasing Office.  It can also be obtained online from the Homeowners Page on our website (foyspa.com).

  • Please submit the Homeowner’s Guest Form to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office (518 Mountain Dr) well in advance of your Guest’s arrival when possible.  If submitting the Guest form on the day of arrival, take the Guest form to the Front Gate.
  • The Homeowner is fully responsible for the Guest’s actions and conduct while at FOY and must be accompanied by the Homeowner when using Park facilities.
  • Homeowner Guests may stay for 20 consecutive days or 30 days in a calendar year free of charge, after which fees apply ($5.00 Guest fee per Guest, per day).  There is an exception for immediate family members.


If the Guest is visiting a Homeowner and not spending the night, then the Homeowner needs to notify the Front Gate (760.354.1555) so that they are aware of the arrival and can issue a Guest parking pass on arrival, provided that the visitor will not be using the FOY facilities.


If the Guest is coming in for the day to use the facilities (Pool, Spa, Pickleball, etc), the Homeowner must complete a Homeowner’s Guest Form.  The Homeowner will be billed a Guest Day Fee of $10 for each person.


Please refer to the Good Neighbor Policies, Section 2a & 2b pertaining to Guests.

Short Term Homeowner Tenants

A Short-Term Tenant is a Guest that will be residing in or renting a Homeowner’s unit (for a period not to exceed 6 months, or 180 days during any 365-day period per tenant) when the Homeowner is not present

The Homeowner must review the SHORT TERM HOMEOWNER TENANT RULES as well as complete and sign a SHORT TERM HOMEOWNER TENANT FORM, “Well In Advance” of their Tenants’ arrival.  The rules and Tenant form can be obtained from the Owner’s Leasing Office.  They can also be obtained online from our website (foyspa.com) by clicking the links above.

Please submit your signed & completed forms to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office or scan and email them to chris@foyspa.com.  The Homeowner’s Tenant Form should not be taken to the Front Gate as it should be completed in advance and delivered to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office.

  • Tenants must be informed by the Homeowner of all Park Rules and Regulations (Good Neighbor Policies) and agree to follow all Rules and Regulations.
  • Homeowners are fully responsible for the Tenant’s and their Guest’s actions and conduct while at FOY.  Homeowner’s are responsible for all charges
  • All charges are to be paid to FOY by the Homeowner.
  • If the Tenant requires a mailbox, they need to come to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office (518 Mountain Dr).  The Leasing Office will collect the funds for the mailbox and send the Tenant to the Mailroom to obtain their mailbox information and key.

FOY is not in the business of managing your Short Term Tenants/Renters!

If a Tenant arrives at FOY and we have not received the signed Homeowner Tenant Form, a $100 Administrative Fee will be charged to the Homeowner’s account to cover our cost of doing your paperwork, contacting you to get permission to admit the Tenants, and following up for your signed paperwork.


If the Tenant is going to have an overnight Guest(s), the Homeowner must complete, sign, and submit a GUESTS OF HOMEOWNER’S TENANT FORM as the Homeowner will also be responsible for these Guests.

Long Term Home Leasing

A Homeowner may rent their unit on a “Long Term” basis to guests. The Long Term Rentals are those that exceed 6 months and are administered by the Homeowner’s Leasing Office.  55+ age restrictions and prior Park approval as consistent with the California Mobile Home Residency law are required

Please contact the Homeowner’s Leasing Office for Tenants who will be staying over 6 months, as they need to be screened by the Park.

Rules about Long Term Home Leasing can be found at the following link:

Other Homeowner Forms

All forms need to be turned in to the Homeowner’s Leasing Office.

FOY Homeowner’s Guest Form

This form needs to be completed when the Homeowner plans to have Guests regardless of length of stay (including Day Guests). The information will be sent to the Front Gate to welcome your guest and complete any required forms.

Gate Key Card Agreement Form

This form needs to be completed when requesting an access card for the back Gate. So that you are aware, the Main Front Gate will be locked from 10:00PM to 7:00 AM beginning January 1, 2024.

Parking Sticker Issuance Form

This form needs to be completed when requesting a new FOY Parking Sticker. All Homeowner passenger vehicles entering the Park MUST have a numbered Parking Sticker.

Request For Written Authorization For My Site Form

It is a requirement that this be completes when you would like to do anything to your site i.e., painting, construction, planting, etc.

Request For Written Permission for Shed

QuickBooks Accounting System for Homeowners

In March of 2023, FOY migrated all Homeowner accounts into QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is a robust industry standard accounting software introduced by Intuit in 1992 and currently has more than 5 million users worldwide. It affords our Homeowners many features such as online payments, easy to understand invoices & statements, as well as state-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies to protect the security and privacy of your information.
Here is a brief description of the features available to our Homeowners.


QuickBooks creates an Invoice each time there are charges generated for a Homeowner. Common invoices would be for items such as Rent, Utilities, Propane, etc.
Invoices are delivered via email. If you would like to change your email id or add additional email ids, please contact the Leasing Office. For Homeowner’s that do not utilize email, invoices will be printed and mailed.

Invoice Payments

When Homeowners receive an emailed invoice, they may now pay it online by either a Credit/Debit Card or have the payment taken directly out of a Bank Account. This is accomplished by clicking the black “Review and pay” icon toward the top of the email as illustrated below.


After clicking the “Review and pay” icon you should be presented with the payment screen below.

The invoice amount will appear at the top. If you would like to put more money on your account to take care of future invoices you are able to edit the payment amount (Edit amount to right of PAYMENT AMOUNT)
Simply select your payment method and click the Green Pay bar. A Receipt of the transaction will be emailed to you
There is a box to the right of the payment box that summarizes the invoice. You are able to view, download or print the invoice

You may also mail, email (chris@foyspa.com), call (760.354.8240) or visit (518 N Mountain) the Leasing Office and we will be happy to take your payment or answer any questions that you have.


QuickBooks automatically generates a statement for each Homeowner around the second (2nd) of each month. The Statement summarizes all charges, payments and credits that have occurred on your account in the past 30 days. Like Invoices, Statements are either emailed or printed and mailed.

Unlike Invoices, you cannot make an online payment from a Statement.

When the Leasing Office receives and posts either a check or cash payment, we will mail or email a current Statement that reflects the payment.
If you have any questions regarding your Invoice or Statement, please don’t hesitate to call the Leasing Office and we will be glad to assist you!

Foy Homeowner’s Reference Document

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